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Whether you’re looking for a Q&A session, a personal shopper, a customized in-home consultation, or something else, I’ve got you covered! I provide simple steps to help you reduce your waste by at least 50% in ways that fit your lifestyle. You CAN make a powerful impact on our environment and I will provide you with resources to continue the journey.

Plus, for every session, I donate 10% of the profit to organizations furthering sustainability. You can even help me choose which one you’d like to support!

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“I appreciated that Katie met me at a store I usually shop at and processed through with me about ideas I was already implementing, as well as new things I hadn’t tried yet. Her willingness to walk around with me as I shopped using my typical grocery list was a practical application and helped me notice things at my local store that I previously had missed, or not taken advantage of. Her optimism and support made the trip so enjoyable, and encouraged me in my journey to reduce waste and save money! Thank you, Katie!” 

Katie W.

“I have been wanting to try and take more steps to reduce waste, but was nervous about what we could realistically do with two kids, and how much it would cost. Katie was able to offer lots of easy to implement steps, and provide tips and tricks that didn’t make it feel like I was making a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight. Yet at the same time, by making the changes and adjustments she suggested I’ve already felt like I am doing a good deal more to help reduce waste, and I only wish I had started sooner! 

Katie provided a super thorough process, starting with asking what my specific needs and goals were over a video call, then she suggested an in person shopping trip to help go over all the options for shopping in bulk and choosing sustainable options, and then finally she provided a complete written plan full of ideas, links and recipes to help carry through the ways I could keep my goals of reducing waste going for long term.

If you are new to the zero waste lifestyle and don’t know how to get started, or even if you have been doing it a while but need to know how to up it to the next level, Katie is the utmost expert and can guide you every step of the way!”

Erin L.

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