Living Minimally

If you live in North America, then you know it’s difficult to live minimally. On a daily basis you are inundated with thousands of pictures of what you should buy, how you should eat and what you should do with your life. It’s difficult to be happy with less.

Two years ago I came back from living in a rural town in East Africa. I was heading on to do a Master of Arts in the UK and at that moment I realized that I was keeping too much stuff “just in case”. What about right now? What if I died tomorrow? Those things would never be used and those things would be forgotten. My poor mother would be stuck with boxes of ‘things’. So, I went through it all and got rid of most of it. I kept pictures and some mementos from the past but the rest went into the garbage or was donated to a local charity. It really had a cleansing effect on me. In the end, I was left with four boxes that I kept for when I returned to Canada.

I have returned to Canada since (with a MA in hand!) and I have continued to practice minimalism. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I don’t think about buying things anymore because I don’t need them. If I need something, then I’ll figure it out but for the most part you can definitely be happier with less. Unless it’s ice cream, then you will want more. 😉


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