My Minimal Closet

Over the last five years, I’ve lived on three different continents; Africa, Europe and North America. There’s been a lot of travel and I realized that lugging around hundreds of items of clothing was not an option.

When I returned to Toronto, I almost got caught up in the buying frenzy that we find ourselves in on a daily basis. The Eaton Centre/Queen Street West is a 30 minute walk from my door. It would be easy to buy a new wardrobe weekly. Scratch that, daily.

However, I’m trying to stay true to my word and not purchase things unless I need them. I counted the amount of items in my wardrobe and I have 42; this includes winter clothes, summer clothes, clothes for special occasions and my casual-business attire. Needless to say, it’s not much. It is enough though. I even find myself with too much sometimes.

When I started this minimalist journey, I wasn’t sure how much the process of letting go would affect me. I’m finding that I’m much more mindful of the type of consumer I want to be. I think about every purchase I make. I’ve been in many stores ready to buy something but change my mind at the last second because I ask myself the same question every time; do you need this or do you want it? If it’s the latter then I get out of there.

If you’re thinking about cutting back on the amount in your closet, I recommend you start with watching this TedX Video by Jennifer Scott. Although I’m not at a 10 item wardrobe yet, I’m getting there.

Photo via Decoist

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