Why I Love Bermuda…

Bermuda is a small island. In fact, it’s only 54 square kilometres (or 21 square miles)! It’s home to approximately 64,000 people (based on the 2010 census). However, what it lacks in land it makes up for in atmosphere.

This is my third trip to Bermuda. Bermuda was the first country I visited outside of Canada when I was the wee age of 16! I fell in the love with the pink sand beaches then and I can honestly say, it still has that same effect on me today.

The people are friendly, the island is clean, the beaches are beautiful, the weather is warm and life is just a little bit slower paced. And that’s why I love it. You can wake up and enjoy a sunrise on the beach, watch the waves crash upon the shore and be completely content. Or at least I can! What more could you want?

It’s the island life that I crave. It’s that minimal life that attracts me; being content with the ordinary but at the same time, wonderful.

I’m so glad, and feel very lucky that I was able to visit Bermuda this week!

All Photos By Andrea McKinlay


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