Island Life

I think the epitome of living minimally and being content might mean I need to move to an island! (p.s. that’s the plan!)20160910_185825.jpg

For the past five days, I’ve been in Bermuda. I described in my last post Why I Love Bermuda, and I just want to reiterate what draws me to this lifestyle and this type of community.

First, the people. Almost everyone was friendly and smiling in Bermuda. When we walked down the street, we were greeted by complete strangers, every single time. The bus drivers were always helpful, they welcomed us on board and they wished us a good weekend! It really speaks volumes to the type of community and hospitality one will experience there.

Second, the views. No matter where you’re going, you are going to have a view of the ocean. Seriously, doesn’t matter where, it’s around every corner and every bend.

20160911_171546.jpgThirdly, life on an island is a little bit slower, a little more laid back and not so worrisome. That city grind that we feel all day, everyday completely disappeared over the last few days for me. I realize I’m on vacation but I need to remember to focus on family/friends and enjoy life’s pleasures instead of worrying about some deadline or an early morning meeting. Isn’t that what it means to live a mindful, minimal life?

I think this trip has made me think more about how I want to live/continue living in the future. Living on an island means you’re connected to the community. You know your neighbours. You can spend more time outside (it’s warm most of the time!). You can grow and use natural products, if you so choose. These are all things I strive for in a minimal life.

That island lifestyle makes you smile and I can’t wait to make that lifestyle my own.

Thank you, Bermuda, for reminding me to collect memories, not things.

All Images by Andrea McKinlay


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