The Leap

On Monday night I attended the 14th annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture as part of the inaugural 6 Degrees Citizen Space. This lecture has been given by many prominent thinkers in the past to discuss democracy, the public good and citizenship. This year was no different; Naomi Klein, renowned author and activist, delivered an intriguing talk on being Canadian and what our collective responsibility should be at this time. 20160919_212002.jpg

Her thought on this collective responsibility was to address our contribution to climate change (timely, since I just wrote about Reducing My Carbon Footprint) and urged us to be engaged citizens. She was blunt and stated how, “Canada was an extraction company before it was a country”, and “natural depletion is our core competency. That is not a compliment.”

Klein went on to suggest that The Leap Manifesto, a thought provoking document (and call to action), was the way forward if Canada (and the world) were going to do something about climate change. “The future is radical, we just have to choose which kind of radical we want.”

So, what do we want, Canada? Are we willing to make some sacrifices for the future generations to come? Are we willing to stop our over consumption? Are we willing to take action based on caring for the Earth and each other? I have my doubts. I haven’t read her latest book, This Changes Everything (2015), but I purchased a copy on Monday to explore her ideas.

I often wonder if we will wake up one day and realize just how much of a mess we have made of this world? Let’s hope it’s not too late when we do.


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