Why everyone should go to Brighton!

20141112_161346Brighton is a small town in the south of England and I’m going to share with you why everyone should visit this quaint town by the seaside! (But first, look at that view on the right!)

I spent one full year living in Brighton and I was completely content. I think it had to do with the fact that I was living a simple life: walks by the seaside, lectures at the university, cooking/baking up a storm, and spending most nights with a group of intelligent/driven women that I am lucky to call my close friends.

I chose to move to Brighton because it’s an open, honest city. It’s known as the unofficial gay capital of the UK and to me, that meant anyone could be themselves. To me that meant that people didn’t need to hide who they were, not only the LGBTQ community but everyone.

20150301_115209Secondly, Brighton is absolutely gorgeous. It has kilometres of walk-able paths by the seaside. I often woke up with the sun and walked down beside the beach. The fresh air from the water and the sun in my face was enough to keep me in a good mood all day long.  In addition, it’s only an hour bus ride (Brighton & Hove Bus Service) to Seven Sisters Park. Here, you’ll see rolling hills, farms, chalk cliffs, a couple light houses and cows. You’ll be able to hike for a couple hours with the best sights!

Brighton is also only a 55 minute train ride from London. Basically, if you blink, you’re in London. It used to go by so fast! If you’re only travelling for a short time, a day trip to Brighton is totally doable.

article-0-1bbd072e00000578-334_306x423There’s a Banksy mural in Brighton too! Banksy is a world-renowned artist that has painted in many cities across the globe…and yet, no one knows who Banksy really is. He/she paints for a reason and uses art to highlight different social issues affecting the world. The Brighton mural is pictured to the left and you can find it on the side of the Prince Albert Pub just down from Brighton Station.

The city is also surrounded by the South Downs National Park. This means that if you exit the city centre, you’ll find (again) rolling hill upon rolling hill. You can take a bus (or drive) to the near by Devil’s Dyke, get a pint at the pub and look out over the downs.



So, if I haven’t convinced you then I don’t think I can. Brighton is a great place to live and visit. I could list more wonderful things about it but I don’t want to write a novel. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience such a beautiful place but now you should too!

All photos taken by That Minimal Life except the Banksy photo which is via The Daily Mail.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. I had no idea it was so close to London! I haven’t been because it seems like such a long journey from the north, but maybe I’ll reconsider!


  2. That Minimal Life says:

    I would definitely reconsider! It’s well worth it. 🙂


  3. Mom says:

    The trip to England was a wonderful experience for me and a great time with you Andrea. I trip I will never forget. Looking forward to our next trip together, no matter how long it takes.


    1. That Minimal Life says:

      Was a wonderful trip! We’ll have one again soon someday.


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