Dusting off the Library Card

addiction-booksI have an addiction and I’ll be the first one to admit it; I love books!

I have a few shelves full of books and I realized a few years ago that if I want to lead a life with less material items, full of experiences and travel, then having so many books might be a little heavy!

That’s when I received a Kobo as a gift and it was the best thing since slice bread for me. I was living and travelling in East Africa at the time and I couldn’t think of a better way to gain access to the plethora of fiction and non-fiction out there.

However, I’ve since moved back to North America and I find myself wanting to buy books again. I love walking into a book store and spending hours exploring the different sections and authors. There’s so much to learn and bookstores make me excited but relaxed at the same time. Even if I don’t buy anything, I find it to be the ‘me’ time I need (which I’ll discuss at a later date).

So, I was in a pickle. I love books and bookstores but I didn’t want to buy more books! Luckily, Toronto has a vast public library system and once I started searching online for all the books I had on my to-read list, I realized they had most of those books! They even have a large online section to download books for your Kobo or Kindle. It’s truly amazing the information that is available.

I received my FREE library card as soon as possible and since then my urge to buy books has waned. I still make time to explore book stores but instead of buying, I make a list of to-get later books from the library. If you haven’t signed up for your local library yet, I suggest you do. It’s well worth it and your wallet will thank you later!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Crave_Life says:

    I feel your pain…I love books too and find it pretty hard to resist the purchase! I have a Kobo too and just find that it isn’t the same, right? Great for travelling for sure. Toronto has an amazing library system. Thanks for your post, it just reminded me that I have a card in my wallet for our library here in Hamilton. I better blow the dust off it!


    1. That Minimal Life says:

      You’re right! A Kobo is great when travelling but not the same. I think that’s why my urge to buy was so strong when I returned to North America. However, the library card has definitely come in handy. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

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