Saying so long to store bought bread!

Yesterday I had a day off from work and I decided to finally try the challah bread recipe I saw on The Kitchn. I was first introduced to The Kitchn from a good friend and I have never looked back. It’s such a useful site for those of us that spend way too much time in the kitchen.

So, I began my bread making journey and I’m so glad I did! Challah bread is my absolute favourite and my thought was; if I can master a recipe of my favourite bread then I won’t have to buy it anymore! I won’t have to buy bread, in general, anymore. Thus, staying true to that minimal life.

First Step, the yeast. It needs to be activated. This step smells pretty bad and it doesn’t look great but I was just doing what I was told (here’s the recipe!)


Second, the dough. I never really know what dough is supposed to feel like. I suppose this comes with practice. However, by telling me to knead the dough (I did this by hand) for 10 minutes, I finally started to get the consistency I ‘thought’ I wanted. If I hadn’t read that, I probably would have kneaded it for a much shorted time.

I left the dough to rise in a covered, oiled bowl (for an hour and a half) and then separated the ball into three equal parts before rolling it out into three ropes. It’s a good thing my mother taught me how to braid, because the next part was easy. I pinched the tops of the strings together and then braided. The picture below is right after braiding.


And then I left it to rise again (another hour). Now, I didn’t realize how long the whole process would take before starting but I had lots of other things to do around the house throughout. I just set a timer and went about my day.

After the loaf had risen again, I was shocked by the size. It was already big, how much bigger would it get when baked?!


This didn’t stop me. I remained on track and popped the loaf in the oven after glazing it with the eggs whites. I also added some toasted sesame seeds that I had picked up earlier in the week. I set my timer for 30 minutes and returned to a kitchen smelling of freshly baked bread and this…


Success! I made challah bread. It was gigantic but I sliced right into it. I had to make sure it didn’t just look nice, it needed to taste right. It did! I was very pleased with myself and excited about my future bread-making days to come.

I highly recommend trying this recipe out. I definitely need to work on the size of it but all-in-all The Kitchn did a kick-ass job!

All Photos taken by That Minimal Life.



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  1. Crave_Life says:

    Looks amazing! I love your blog…I wanted to nominate you for the Mystery Blogger award. If you would like to participate, just follow this link and it will tell you all about it. It really is to spread the word of your blog and get to know your fellow bloggers!


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