Blooming Season

This weekend I was reminded of all the reasons we need to embrace nature more!

I spent the weekend walking, observing, and listening. It was Earth Day on Saturday but it was today that I made my way to High Park in the west-end of Toronto to check out the Cherry Blossoms blooming.


The flowering of the Sakura Tree is quite beautiful, as you can see. However, it only last for about a week!

Seeing the beauty of the flowers and the joy they brought to so many people (probably thousands, just today!) made me realize, yet again, that to be content we do not need to indulge in ‘stuff’. We need to indulge in life; exploring and experiencing!

The flowers are said to be sticking around until next weekend. So, if you’re in the GTA area, check them out.  Make your way through the High Park Zoo and up the hill to find many Sakura Trees. Alternatively, you can find them outside Robarts Library at UofT and in Trinity Bellwoods Park.





All photos taken by That Minimal Life. 



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