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I absolutely love providing content throughout the week on my blog and social media and I always intend to keep that free. This means that my income relies on the part-time job I work, as well as any consultations scheduled through That Minimal Life. 

All of the content I publish is my own, unless stated otherwise, and any products or programs I choose for affiliate links are ones that I fully support. As you’ve probably noticed in my blog posts, I’m nerdy about research, and I take that very seriously when it comes to using products myself or recommending them to you. 🙂 

In the spirit of “zero waste,” I always encourage that you search for something secondhand or locally sourced before buying something new! 

Some of my affiliate links are connected to Amazon. Here’s the thing about that – for many people without access to affordable, local, sustainable, and/or bulk items, Amazon may be the only place to turn to for now. This article tells you how to request less packaging, shop secondhand, and reduce the amount of plastic with Amazon. Definitely recommend checking it out!

Thank you, in advance, for supporting me as a small business owner with any future purchases you make using one of my affiliate links. Your support doesn’t cost you anything and helps me create even more content for you and others striving toward sustainable living! 

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