About Katie

Hi there!

Welcome to That Minimal Life.

I’m Katie, an Eco-Living Coach in the Denver-Metro area of Colorado!

What does that even mean?

Great question! The short answer is: I can teach you simple steps that will reduce your excess waste by at least 50% in ways that fit your lifestyle. 

Logistically, I support individuals in their journey toward sustainable living through:

– hosting a podcast, talking about “All Things Sustainable” (launching Jan 1st, 2022!)

personalized coaching services

blog posts  

– social media

– digital products

Whether virtually or in person, I am here to come alongside you in your zero waste journey and to help clarify the steps you can take. Together, we can make a powerful impact on the environment!

My background is in education

and in the Spring of 2019, before wrapping up another school year, I realized the tide was shifting. It was time to enter a new chapter, although the direction was unclear. I took a new teaching position only to then turn it down with a gut feeling that it wasn’t right. Acting on that intuition and making the decision to say “no” (which is really hard for me to do) was a greatly pivotal moment… I could sense its importance, like treading in murky waters without clearly knowing the depths yet to explore. 

The year prior, in 2018, I had begun making “simple step” posts about living zero waste on my personal Instagram and have kept up with it since. Out of this, a dream was born to share these resources with others and to support their efforts in living sustainably.

As it turns out, leaving my physical classroom one year later opened up a world of opportunity within education and has lead me here, 

with you,


about Katie

Quick Facts About Me!


I am an avid podcast listener. In the car, during walks, or sometimes just sitting at home on the couch — I love learning through the sharing of stories, experiences, research, and more! Now I can’t imagine long drives without my trusty companion.  

Speaking of which, check out my very own podcast here, launching Jan. 1st, 2022!! 

Type 2

I think my love for people and my desire to support them comes from being an Enneagram Type 2 with a 3 wing. (Link included in case you enjoy nerding out on all these studies like me!)


I never really enjoyed cooking until I became vegan! Now I’m not only loving food and the process of creating meals, but I feel healthier than I’ve ever been in my life.


Kevin and I met when we were 7 and 8 years old, grew up together, but didn’t realize our chemistry until we’d moved apart in college. Our entire dating relationship was 2 years long-distance! We’ve been married since June of 2013, gave birth to our rainbow baby in November of 2020, and we are enjoying life’s adventures. 

Countdown to Podcast Launch!!








So there’s a bit about me!

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I look forward to spending more time with you and supporting you in taking these steps toward that minimal life!

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Ready to take the next steps in your Zero Waste journey, but not sure where to start?

I have a bunch of resources to offer you! Check out my variety of services and contact me for coaching. We’ll assess your needs and create a customized plan that fits your home and your budget!


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about Katie K!

Who's your dog?

Nora is our 12-pound Maltese-Poodle mix! She’s super cute and probably the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. We get along just fine, but really, she’s Kevin’s dog. I’m pretty sure she would snuggle him 24/7 if she could. Not that I’m jealous or anything.  

What do you like to do outside of work?

I sometimes say that “people are my hobby” because I don’t really know how to pick a favorite activity when I just love being with people no matter what we’re doing. I’m also an extremely cautious person by nature, but my friends and family have gotten me to try things I would never normally do. Like more recently, they’re influencing me to overcome my deep fear of heights through rock climbing… Thanks guys. Making me grow and stuff. 

How long have you been zero waste?

I was raised in an atmosphere that valued making the most of what you have and it stuck with me. Many of my habits feel natural, but I’ve actively worked toward being a conscious consumer and an advocate for sustainability since 2017 when I embraced a plant-based lifestyle. The more I learned and the more my awareness expanded beyond my own personal bubble, the more I began to adjust my life accordingly. 

Who's in your family?

As of right now, in 2021, Kevin and I are new parents to our beautiful “rainbow” baby, Eliud, who was born in November of 2020. A “rainbow” baby is an endearing term for a baby that comes after a pregnancy and/or child loss. Every year, we have a day of remembrance that honors our “angel” baby, Zoì, whose name means “Life” in Greek.