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Video Courses (& Bundle!) for Pregnancy thru Young Childhood

Caring for the Earth and Kids
Pregnancy-Postpartum video course
Baby's first year video course
Toddlerhood video course
Young Childhood video course

Lower your stress, save time, the earth, and thousands of dollars — all while caring for yourself and your family!

I’m continuously making an effort to be more sustainable in my life and its been a slow, steady progression. Being newly pregnant and realizing that I’m going to face a whole new host of challenges that would impact my ability to live sustainably has been overwhelming. I loved that Katie could provide a one-stop-shop for learning how to be a confident, sustainable parent.

Brie Z.

What you’ll get:


  • in-depth video courses that you can go through at your own pace and learn how you can save $1,000s per year!
    • featuring 4 phases of development: Pregnancy-Postpartum, Baby’s 1st Year, Toddlerhood, and Young Childhood
    • Part 1 focuses on Pregnancy-Postpartum, covering sustainable hacks for: baby registry/shower, meal prepping, free/affordable maternity clothes & baby gear, self-care, non-toxic baby care (including breastfeeding/formula tips), and more!
    • Part 2 focuses on Baby’s First Year, covering sustainable hacks for: diapering, Elimination Communication (like early potty training), breastfeeding/formula to solid foods, free/affordable clothing, toys and gear, and more! 
    • Parts 3-4 focus on Toddlerhood (ages 1-3), through young Childhood (ages 4+), covering supplemental sustainable hacks for: meal planning, gift ideas, parties/events, activities, items preferred to have on hand, discussion ideas to engage in caring for the earth, and more! 
  • several PDFs of resources to further your journey 
  • access to a totally private, online community for more support!

Even after doing a ton of my own research, Katie still had a lot of great ideas for sustainable parenting that I hadn’t thought of or come across previously.

Laine N.

Katie untangled quite a few pieces of conflicting information we had about raising children sustainably. She provided a bunch of valuable tips, including ways to reprogram our cultural preoccupation with getting everything new. I feel more able to make sustainable decisions and to guide our family to coming along for the ride.

Shokai & Jesse

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