Happiness; can we attain it?

Today is the International Day of Happiness; are you happy? Would you like to be happier? Is there a way to be happier?


The cash-only diet; hiding all plastic!

I’ve decided to change my spending habits in an extreme way this past week; I’ve hidden all plastic cards (debit & credit) and decided to implement a strictly cash-diet.

The Simple Life…

The simple life is something I think about a lot. What does it mean? I always say that I strive for a simple life but what is that?

Good Riddance! Importance of Purging

Well, to start, have you ever seen hoarders? This isn’t a joke. Hoarding is a disorder. This happens when someone is persistent in keeping items, even rubbish. This disorder is very serious and it’s no wonder that many people in North America suffer with it. We have been told time and time again that we need material items

The Leap

On Monday night I attended the 14th annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture as part of the inaugural 6 Degrees Citizen Space. This lecture has been given by many prominent thinkers in the past to discuss democracy, the public good and citizenship. This year was no different; Naomi Klein, renowned author and activist, delivered an intriguing talk on being Canadian and what our collective responsibility should be at this time.

Island Life

I think the epitome of living minimally and being content might mean I need to move to an island! (p.s. that’s the plan!)

Unplug: Reflections on Reducing My Carbon Footprint

Whether we want to admit it or not, climate change is happening. It’s easy to forget though. When you live in a developed, privileged environment, you take things for granted and you don’t see the effects of the choices you make. However, we need to start thinking about the generations to come. We need to stop being selfish…

My Minimal Closet

Over the last five years, I’ve lived on three different continents; Africa, Europe and North America. There’s been a lot of travel and I realized that lugging around hundreds of items of clothing was not an option…

Living Minimally

If you live in North America, then you know it’s difficult to live minimally. On a daily basis you are inundated with thousands of pictures of what you should buy, how you should eat and what you should do with your life. It’s difficult to be happy with less…