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Feeling inspired to green up your life and make a positive impact on our planet? Want to know how you can save thousands of dollars in the process?? I’ve got you covered! Through my individualized coaching sessions, group workshops, online video courses, and 4-week coaching package, I provide simple steps to help you reduce your overall waste by at least 50% in tangible ways!

You CAN make a powerful impact on our environment. And I can guide you with resources in this valuable journey.

Plus, your impact doesn’t end at your front door:

I donate 10% of every coaching session to organizations working toward social and environmental justice. If you’d like, you can even help choose which one to support!

If you want to take the first steps to living a life with less waste, I can’t recommend The Minimal Life’s coaching sessions enough. Katie’s coaching helps break down the overwhelming amount of information out in the world about zero waste living into doable lessons and steps catered to your lifestyle and family’s needs. Katie is so encouraging, non-judgmental, and her expertise helped me figure out what my “shopping ethics” should be and where to focus my energy in order to benefit the planet and myself.

Briana B.

Did you know the average American produces about 2,072 pounds of trash, also known as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), per year?! [source] That seems insane! But when you think about how much each one of those garbage bags weighs and how many we typically throw out every single week… Yikes. It adds up. Collectively, we produce about 267 million tons of trash per year in America alone. And we only recycle about one-third of it. (learn more about this on my blog)

Looking at the pie-chart above from the Environmental Protection Agency, most of our trash comes from materials commonly used in packaging and single-use products, as well as food waste.


When you commit to coaching with me,

you’ll learn how to drastically cut those amounts and lower your overall carbon footprint!

The rate at which we’re using up materials and overflowing our landfills/oceans is unsustainable.

I’m here to support as many people as I can to take better care of this home we share.

“I have been wanting to try and take more steps to reduce waste, but was nervous about what we could realistically do with two kids, and how much it would cost. Katie was able to offer lots of easy to implement steps, and provide tips and tricks that didn’t make it feel like I was making a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight. Yet at the same time, by making the changes and adjustments she suggested I’ve already felt like I am doing a good deal more to help reduce waste, and I only wish I had started sooner! 

Katie provided a super thorough process, starting with asking what my specific needs and goals were over a video call, then she suggested an in person shopping trip to help go over all the options for shopping in bulk and choosing sustainable options, and then finally she provided a complete written plan full of ideas, links and recipes to help carry through the ways I could keep my goals of reducing waste going for long term.

If you are new to the zero waste lifestyle and don’t know how to get started, or even if you have been doing it a while but need to know how to up it to the next level, Katie is the utmost expert and can guide you every step of the way!”

Erin L.

Getting started is easy with my

Simple Process


and together we will:

1. Assess your needs

2. gather tangible data

3. Restructure your habits

4. Dive deeper into a new lifestyle

5. Reflect and Look forward

Ready to change your life?


We’ll start with a FREE 20-minute consultation to assess your needs. If you’re unsure of which package to choose, we’ll talk about your goals – personal, environmental, and emotional. Then, we’ll pick a plan that works best for you!

If you’re interested in an INDIVIDUAL coaching session, GROUP WORKSHOP, and/or MULTI-WEEK PACKAGE, contact me for more info! 

Current coaching rates for individual sessions and/or group workshops; updated Sept. 2021

group workshops

Available to groups of 3 or more

Frequently given as “Lunch & Learn” presentations for companies and their staff

  • Zero Waste 101: What, Why, and How
  • Composting 101: How to Compost Wherever You Live
  • Sustainable Hacks on a Budget: Save Money & The Earth
  • Condensed version of the 4-Part Online Course: Caring for the Earth & Kids, plus Q&A 
  • Plant-Based Tie-Dye (great for kids’ parties!)


– $150/hr

(If you’re facing economic hardship, contact me for sliding scale options)

Green package

4 Weeks of Coaching

This package can save you $2,000-$4,700 or more in ONE year!*

This package is perfect for those who want an introduction to Zero Waste living, but aren’t sure where to start. I will work side-by-side with you and create a customized plan of action for your family’s needs that reduces your overall waste by 50% or more!

Coaching includes: reducing food waste (through meal planning, sustainably shopping, and composting), as well as minimizing waste from packaging and single-use products. You will also experience a low-waste, guided shopping trip. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have a customized plan with resources that you can follow into the future, plus an entire booklet of unique discount codes for our community of sustainable business partnerships! 

  • 1 hour guided coaching per week (4 hours total)
  • Office hours for more support available

– $360 total

(If you’re facing economic hardship, contact me for sliding scale options)

*Household savings will depend on family size, access to sustainable resources, and individual level of commitment. 

I had a great experience… Katie helped my family and I identify our goals for more sustainable living and tailored her coaching to support those goals. We were able to make easier changes because of this support. Katie also provided lots of resources to help us take those changes even further for when we are ready. I also appreciated all the statistics that Katie shared with us to help highlight the importance of making changes, even if they are small changes. I am so excited to continue on this journey and am thankful to Katie for all of her help. Nothing was overwhelming and I am more aware of changes my family and I can continue to make.

Randel S.

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