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This webinar was a great intro for me. Katie gave me some great ideas on how to take little steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I always thought it had to be drastic change therefore (for me) unattainable, but she encouraged me to make little changes because they go a long way and keep me brainstorming on how I can keep improving.

Erin F.

This FREE training reveals the key to building lifelong habits that will not only care for the earth, but for yourself and your community, as well! 

Katie Kurpanek (a Mama, Podcaster, & Life Coach) walks you through 3 simple steps to “go zero waste”, while simultaneously clarifying the true meaning behind this global movement. 

“Zero Waste” living is more than just a trend. It’s a transformative way of life that empowers you to move through your world consciously and purposefully

YOU are already making an impact on this little blue dot in space. The question is, what kind of impact do you want to be making? 

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This course was a great way to get a lot of information in a fun and easy to remember way! I learned a lot and I felt encouraged to do anything that I can because even little changes really make a difference!

Jai L.