The Simple Life…

The simple life is something I think about a lot. What does it mean? I always say that I strive for a simple life but what is that?


Good Riddance! Importance of Purging

Well, to start, have you ever seen hoarders? This isn’t a joke. Hoarding is a disorder. This happens when someone is persistent in keeping items, even rubbish. This disorder is very serious and it’s no wonder that many people in North America suffer with it. We have been told time and time again that we need material items

From Scratch: Hummus

Hummus is everywhere these days and it’s oh so good. It’s one thing I hardly buy pre-made, as it’s so easy to make from scratch! My best friend had some ‘Mediterranean’-styled hummus the other day at her house and it was filled with black olive-goodness. The best thing about hummus, is that you can make it the way you want to!

The Leap

On Monday night I attended the 14th annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture as part of the inaugural 6 Degrees Citizen Space. This lecture has been given by many prominent thinkers in the past to discuss democracy, the public good and citizenship. This year was no different; Naomi Klein, renowned author and activist, delivered an intriguing talk on being Canadian and what our collective responsibility should be at this time.

Why I’m Making Meditation Part of My Life (Again)

I have to admit, I’ve fallen off the meditation band-wagon. Well, it wasn’t really a band-wagon, but last year I took a 6 week meditation course and since then I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve meditated. Oops.

Island Life

I think the epitome of living minimally and being content might mean I need to move to an island! (p.s. that’s the plan!)

Why I Love Bermuda…

Bermuda is a small island. In fact, it’s only 54 square kilometres (or 21 square miles)! It’s home to approximately 64,000 people (based on the 2010 census). However, what it lacks in land it makes up for in atmosphere.

Whistle While You Walk

If you know me, then you know I’m a big walker! I walk an average of 50km (or 31 miles) per week. Sometimes it’s to get somewhere, sometimes it’s to get outside and breath. I have many reasons to walk…

Unplug: Reflections on Reducing My Carbon Footprint

Whether we want to admit it or not, climate change is happening. It’s easy to forget though. When you live in a developed, privileged environment, you take things for granted and you don’t see the effects of the choices you make. However, we need to start thinking about the generations to come. We need to stop being selfish…

Morocco: Add it to your Bucket List

Ever thought of travelling to Africa but just never have? Yeah, I think a lot of people have considered a big adventure across the pond (pond being the Atlantic ocean) but unfortunately they never thought it was possible, or just never made it a priority…