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here, we talk about anything related to living sustainably and break down these topics into actionable steps you can apply to your own life

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    I am thrilled to be able to bring these conversations to you!

    While most of us can agree on wanting to take better care of our earth, we may often feel overwhelmed by how to do so in ways that actually matter. And on that note, when you hear phrases like “zero waste” or “living sustainably”, you might wonder what does that really even mean? 
    What does “sustainable” really mean and look like for the new mom, the working citizen, the burnt-out teacher, the high school student wanting to make a difference…

    That’s the goal of this show, the “All Things Sustainable” podcast. Here we talk about anything related to sustainable living (a lifestyle focused on caring for the planet in realistic, tangible ways), and we break down these topics into specific, actionable steps that you can apply to your own life – no matter where you’re coming from.  Check out the “Welcome” episode to understand where this podcast is headed and how it can support your own journey. 

    In my efforts to help you minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing your positive impact on this planet, it’s a dream come true to be able to interview experts across the spectrum of sustainability and share their expertise with you. Living sustainably looks different for each person, depending on where you live, your level of accessibility to resources, your budget, health, family’s needs, and so on. It’s impossible to fit everyone into a box, but it’s entirely possible (and necessary) to empower all of us with education and provide the tools needed to begin doing your best.

    My hope is that you can find your starting point here! Then, do the best you can with what you have until you’ve learned and grown and are able to do more. Then, repeat. 🙂 

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