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Caring for the Earth & Kids, Part 2: Baby's First Year - That Minimal Life

Caring for the Earth & Kids, Part 2: Baby’s First Year

Empower yourself and your family with a lifestyle that will sustainably save your time, money, and the earth around you!

You’re going to hit so many big milestones in your baby’s first year, and this course will support you to build sustainable habits along the way.

We talk about: diaper options, Elimination Communication (like early potty training), breastfeeding and solid foods, how to find free/affordable clothing, toys, gear, and more!





Lower your stress, save money, time and the earth — all while caring for yourself and your family!

What you’ll get:

  • in-depth coaching through video courses that you can go through at your own pace
    • This Part 2 focuses on Baby’s First Year, covering sustainable hacks for: diapering, Elimination Communication (like early potty training), breastfeeding/formula to solid foods, free/affordable clothing, toys and gear, and more!
  • several PDF documents of resources to further your journey
  • a bundle of unique discount codes for sustainable products/services
  • access to a totally private, online community for more support!




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