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Caring for the Earth & Kids, Part 1: Pregnancy - Postpartum - That Minimal Life

Caring for the Earth & Kids, Part 1: Pregnancy – Postpartum

Empower yourself and your family with a lifestyle that will sustainably save your time, money, and the earth around you!

Part 1 of this 4-part course focuses specifically on life hacks during pregnancy-postpartum that ideally save money, time, stress, and set you up for long-lasting, sustainable habits for your future!

This part covers: a low/zero-waste baby registry and baby shower, meal planning, access to free/affordable maternity clothes and baby essentials, self-care resources, natural and non-toxic ways to care for your baby, and more!





Lower your stress, save money, time and the earth — all while caring for yourself and your family!

What you’ll get:

  • in-depth coaching through video courses that you can go through at your own pace
    • This Part 1 focuses on Pregnancy-Postpartum, covering sustainable hacks for: baby registry/shower, meal prepping, free/affordable maternity clothes & baby gear, self-care, non-toxic baby care (including breastfeeding/formula tips), and more!
  • several PDF documents of resources to further your journey
  • a bundle of unique discount codes for sustainable products/services
  • access to a totally private, online community for more support!




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