Composting 101

Bite-sized Zero-Waste Hacks to Implement Today

Saving the earth &

saving money go


You just need the

right tools…

…the resources in your PDF’s were goldmines and had so much good info…

Jasmine F.

The tools to help you save money & the earth:

  • Step-by-step coaching with video lessons that are 10 minutes or less!
  • A “Sustainable Swaps” digital handbook (your go-to guide for saving money and the earth)
  • Learn how you can save $1,000s per year!!
  • Extra PDFs with resources to support you beyond this video course
  • Access to a totally private, online community of people supporting each other to live sustainably
  • Exclusive discount codes to 20+ sustainable shops and businesses so you can continue saving money!

Katie’s coaching helps make sustainability and zero-waste do-able. She makes it seem possible- which means that I am not overwhelmed with implementing her suggestions into my daily life. If you are looking for guidance on reducing your waste or living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, talk to Katie!

Jasmine F.

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