Zero Waste 101

How to Start Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

This is the perfect video course for beginners, or those who want to deepen their understanding of the Zero Waste movement!

Would highly recommend her course for someone just getting into Low Waste Living who needs a bit of guidance, or a nudge, or a cheerleader to help get things going!

Beatrice S.

What you’ll get:

  • Video lessons that will unpack What “zero waste” really means, Why it’s important, and How you can get started
  • Each video lesson is designed to be 12 minutes or less!
  • Several PDFs with resources to further support you in your journey (including a Recycling Tips guide)
  • Exclusive discount codes for 20+ sustainable shops/services to help you save money and the earth!
  • Access to a private, online community where we help each other problem-solve real-life challenges beyond this video course

This is something I’ve always cared about.  Being “green” during the pandemic had challenges, but now is a great time to get re-engaged with the cause.

Molly L.

I’m always looking for ways to change my habits in order to make more sustainable choices. Zero Waste 101 was a perfect starting point and was super insightful! Highly recommend!

Jasmine F.

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